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25 iPhone Apps for Personal Growth

The iPhone as a self improvement tool?  Well, why not? I use my iPhone for lots of things, to keep in touch, to stay on task, to check email, to listen to music, even game. And let’s face it, the apps are fun! Chances are if you’re an iPhone or iPod Touch user like me, you have the device on you or nearby at all times.

Why not use it to assist with personal growth?  Over the past few months I’ve downloaded a bunch of apps in this area to see which ones I’d use and recommend to others.  Not sure where to start looking? Here’s a list of 25 iPhone apps I’ve found useful (with links to the app in the iTunes Store) to give you some ideas:

Meditation & Relaxation Apps

meditationtimer Meditator
A simple timer with sounds and settings for meditators. Use it for meditation or just use it to take a set time out and relax (by SimpleTouch)
brainwave Brainwave Binaural Beats
Binaural beats programmed for positive mood boosts, concentration, creativity and more to background tracks of ocean waves, rain and thunder (by Banzailabs).
buddhabox Buddha Box
Buddha boxes are given out at temples.  This app has different mantras and chants that you can listen to from Buddhist monks (by DigitalBlend).
brainpower AmbiScience BrainPower: Meditate
Ambient music with isochronic tones and binaural beats for deep mediation with stop timer.  Choose tone levels and frequency, start and stop timers (by TeslaSoftware).
powerofnow The Power of Now Deck
Choose a card with wisdom from the book, make notes on concepts and select from various meditations (by NaturalGuides).
asleep aSleep
Set the timer before you sleep to hear sounds from categories like nature, life, and musical instruments (by Sign Studios).

Law of Attraction Apps

askanditsgivencalendar Ask and It is Given Calendar
A perpetual calendar by Ester and Jerry Hicks with concepts and wisdom based on the Law of Attraction (by OceanhouseMedia).
chopramanifestinggoodluck Manifesting Good Luck Card Deck
Deepak Chopra’s wisdom and mediations for manifesting good luck.  50 cards in the deck. Shuffle, choose, reflect, email to yourself or a friend (by OceanhouseMedia).
wealthaffirmations Wealth Affirmations
26 card deck from Louise Hay for attracting more wealth into your life.  Use one every other week. Cards can be shuffled and emailed as well (by OceanhouseMedia).
askcards Ask and It is Given Card Deck
A 60 card deck based on the Teachings of Abraham from Ester and Jerry Hicks.  Imagery can be used as background wallpaper (by OceanhouseMedia).

Positive Thinking Affirmation Apps

powerthought Power Thought Cards
A 64 card deck filled with visualizations on one side and affirmations on the other from author Louise Hay (by OceanhouseMedia).
dyerintention Power of Intention Calendar
A perpetual calendar from Wayne Dyer with wisdom from his book The Power of Intention, based on intention and attraction (by OceanhouseMedia).
icandoit I Can Do It 2009 Calendar
A 2009 calendar by Louise Hay, with affirmations and thoughts for mood, inspiration and motivation (by OceanhouseMedia).

Inspiration & Gratitude Apps

grattitudestream Gratitude Stream
A twitter stream of gratitude, add your own with location tags if you’d like.  Posts to GratitudeStream on twitter using the hashtag #LiveHappy (by SignalPatterns).
dyerinspiration Inspiration Perpetual Calendar
Perpetual calendar by Dr. Wayne Dyer for based on purpose, with quotes by famous poets, leaders, authors and playwrights. (by OceanhouseMedia)

Self Discovery Apps

livehappy LiveHappy
A psychology app with activities, surveys, and social network. Developed by USC psychology professor, author of The How of Happiness (by SignalPatterns).
careerpatterns Career Patterns
Discover your perfect career through a series of survey questions developed by psychologists. See also the free personality app (by SignalPatterns).

Health & Fitness Apps

yogastretch Yoga Stretch
60 poses with instructions and optional instructor commentary, relaxing sounds, and timer. 1 hour complete yoga workout (by NeilHarris).
ifitness iFitness
Exercise app with videos, pictures and instructions and tracking feature to record your progress (by MedicalProductions).
gymtrainer Gym Trainer
Muscle building videos, tutorials, and workouts for gym-based training. Includes exercise set entries and tracking (by IndieVentures).
customhypnosis Custom Weightloss Hypnosis
Weight-loss guided hypnosis with focus on managing temptation, eliminating cravings, exercising and eating right (by ZacheryCarter).
weightlosstracker WeightTracker
Simple tracking app, register and set a goal weight and record weight entries by date.  View progress in the history screen (by HealthyandFit).
affirmationshealth Health Affirmations
24 card affirmation deck based on You Can Heal Your Life by Loiuse Hay, focused on health & wellness habits and thinking (by OceanhouseMedia).

Book Collection Apps

asiawisdom Asia Wisdom Collection
An ebook collection with 9 Asian classics including The Art of War, Confucius Analects, and The Manual of Zen Buddhism (by AlexBrie).
selfhelpclassics Self Help Classics
An ebook app with 16 classics including Think and Grow Rich, Emerson’s Self Reliance, and Einstein’s Science and Religion (by AlexBrie).

This list took me a while to compile and format and I hope it helps since there’s no “Personal Development” or “Self Help” category in the iTunes store (yet!). Do you use your iPhone or iPod Touch for exercise, relation, meditation or personal development? Tried and liked another app that didn’t make the list? Please let me know in the comments!

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